Healthcare Explained

Healthcare is complicated, in Connecticut and across the US.

Here you’ll find the Basics by topic with more information if you need it.

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The Basics

Medicaid (2) copy 2


Public coverage for lower income people

medicare explained


Public coverage for seniors and people with disabilities

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Structure of the Healthcare System

How the parts fit together

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Connecticut Healthcare Costs

How high are healthcare costs and where does the money go


Private Insurance

How private insurance works

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Healthcare Coverage

How Connecticut residents are covered for healthcare costs

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Healthcare Reform

Efforts to improve healthcare

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Affordable Care Act

Impact of major reforms

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Health Equity

Ensuring everyone has resources needed to be healthy

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Prescription Drugs

Prices, value, and negotiation

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Healthcare quality needs improvement

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Connecticut hospitals

Hospital functions, performance, and funding

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Healthcare consolidation

Market consolidation prices, causes, and remedies

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Healthcare workforce

Provider numbers, shortages, and action plan

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Evidence in healthcare

Using the best evidence to craft the best healthcare

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Public health

Focused on healthy populations

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Patient Rights

Where to go for help